Thomas Farquhar

Sales & Marketing

Tom has been actively involved in Sales & Marketing across a variety of sectors since 2005. For over 15 years Tom has been instrumental in a number of startup businesses and has operated extensively from SME size through to large corporate. Tom’s specific passion is in creating, establishing and growing successful brands across a plethora of mediums, creating brand loyalty and scalability. Tom thrives on in the field sales coaching and has vast experience in developing new & experienced sales teams alongside national growth strategies.

Tom has a core mantra that Sales & Marketing go hand in hand and that the key to successful growth strategies is one of ‘focusing on the detail’ with nothing being too small or insignificant. The best brands encompass this all encompassing approach, where every element of the organisation embodies the brand it represents. Tom enjoys bringing his dynamic, passionate approach to Sales & Marketing and coaching teams from all areas of an organisation, to help drive quality & support brand values

Ways to get in touch with Thomas:

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