Retirement Planning

We think differently about retirement than most, 20 years of experience has aided us in seeing the evolution of ‘retirement’ and less and less is retirement about fully stopping work. For Becketts a retirement plan is about giving you freedom, freedom to choose and freedom to be confident in the choices you make.

Financial freedom allows you to be unburdened to retire in whatever format that is, be it part-time work, a sabbatical for a round the world trip, taking on a voluntary position, a governors or non-executive role or like many stopping work fully. 

Our retirement planning focuses on this, creating bespoke financial freedom constructed around the future you want. 

Inevitably retirement planning will involve pensions, there are many different types of pension which are subject to different rules always surrounded by jargon and complexity. We will cut through this headache using plain English to show the underlying benefits and uses a pension may have now and how that will fit into your retirement plan.  

With recent changes to the State Pension meaning it now commences at a later age and Final Salary Schemes becoming less and less common with employers, it is more important than ever to plan for you no longer have a salary. Pensions are a great vehicle to prepare for retirement because of the tax benefits they provide. Tax relief is available on most pension contributions, enhancing the growth of your pension pot. Click here to see an example.
At Becketts, we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients as individuals and families. We know that financial security and understanding is key to happiness in later years. Our retirement planning services enable you to take control of issues surrounding pensions, inheritance tax and wealth management which are all intertwined. The result is a retirement free from financial worries .

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