​People often get confused by the array of products in the protection marketplace. This comes as no surprise as you can protect just about anything whether it is yourself, your family, your income, your business or even your pet. 


Undesirable events such as sickness or even death may be unpleasant to think about but they cannot be overlooked. Having protection in place provides additional financial support during these difficult times. 


Relevant life plans are a really tax efficient way for business owners to insure their lives. The company can pay the premium, get tax relief on the payments but the business owners family receives the protection payment free of tax.


With jointly owned businesses, what happens if one owner dies? Without protection in place the surviving owner can be put in difficult positions, having to sell or having to work with a new business partner they have not chosen. Shareholder protection can solve this, providing both a set agreement on what happens at death agreeable by all owners as well as providing funds to settle any share purchases at that time. 


All businesses rely on certain key individuals to maintain performance and profit. To protect against these unfortunate circumstances, key person insurance can be procured to cover loss of profit and business interruption. It can also provide the vital resources needed to find a suitable replacement, or to restructure the company in such a way as to negate the loss

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