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How to take a “holiday” in your own home

After a difficult year, many people have been looking forward to getting away somewhere new to relax. But with holiday destinations facing Covid-19 challenges and new restrictions, summer holidays could be at risk again. Despite the vaccination programme rolling out and social distancing restrictions beginning to ease across the UK, prime minister Boris Johnson has

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What does “rebalancing” your portfolio mean and why is it important?

When discussing investments or reading the news, you may have heard the phrase “rebalancing”. It’s an important part of making sure your portfolio continues to reflect your goals, but it can be overlooked or misunderstood. Read on to learn what rebalancing involves and why it’s part of investment strategies. Investing: A long-term game Before we

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How the tax freezes announced in the Budget could leave you worse off

In March, chancellor Rishi Sunak delivered his second Budget. After a lot of speculation that taxes would rise to pay for the cost of Covid-19, you may have been relieved to discover your tax bill won’t be going up. However, you could still be worse off. Rather than increasing taxes, the chancellor said he would

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Why you should overpay your mortgage with pandemic savings

The pandemic has meant some families have been able to save more. Those that have continued to work during the last year are often finding their outgoings have been lower and they now have more cash put to one side. If you still have a mortgage, overpaying is one option worth considering. According to research

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Employee benefits that self-employed workers miss out on, and how to bridge the gap

There are more than five million self-employed workers in the UK, according to government statistics. This figure is rising, with around one in six people now working for themselves. There are advantages to being self-employed, but some workers could be missing out on benefits worth thousands of pounds compared to their traditionally employed contemporaries. The

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Investment market update: March 2021

During March there were reasons to be optimistic. In fact, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) raised global growth forecasts following Covid-19 vaccination and stimulus package news around the world. It’s now expected the global economy will expand 5.6% this year. Despite the pandemic dominating headlines, a survey from the Bank of America