Dependable, Adaptable & Approachable

How you work, we work

At Becketts we always ensure we work 100% around the needs and requirements of you. How you work, we work. We are flexible, approachable, dependable and most importantly friendly. We’ve created a safe, happy, friendly environment that works however we communicate wherever it might be.

We want you to be comfortable speaking to us in any environment that suits. This works on an on-going basis as well, we want to work around you and your needs to make things seamless and flexible.

  • Flexible Working – our teams all develop a flexible working environments for maximum flexibility. We have dedicated office space, meeting space and all the tools and technology for home working.  
  • Technology – we are at the forefront of technology, all our systems are remote and available anywhere in the world for our team and clients. We utilise video conferencing, remote desktops and live messaging within our teams and our clients every day.
  • Understanding – we understand our clients, many of them like to work in a particular way, have particular needs or need flexibility around their busy schedules and businesses. We offer a solution to any way of working.
  • Contingency & Security – contingency & security is a huge part of what we do. We don’t do down time, we do uptime. We are always online, always active and always moving forward. 

Next generation

We are the next generation of an intricate history of quality, experience and trust. We embrace the future, new technologies, new ways of working, new people. We adapt, we plan, we pre-empt. 


The Coronavirus presents unique challenges for most businesses. We are prepared. We were already working utilising every technological advantage and online capability to provide a greater quality of service to our clients, so COVID-19 provides less of a challenge to our way of working, than it does to some businesses. The health & well-being of our people and our clients is our No.1 priority.

At our offices we take all the pre-cautions we can including regular sanitisation and washing facilities, regular health checks with our team and pre-meeting checks to make sure all our clients needs are met pre-meeting, alongside any special needs.

Within 24 hours of invoking our contingency procedures our teams were already operational remotely and we can confirm we had 0% down time.

Coronavirus Operations;

  • Daily Team Video Conferences via Zoom
  • Remote office working with workflow Apps, Becketts platforms, e-mails and direct messaging systems
  • VOIP Phones, Mobiles, Live Chat and Social Media Messaging
  • Meeting scheduling offered via teleconference facilities or videoconference with screen sharing and remote presentations