Our services and charges depend entirely on the complexity of advice or management required. For this reason our charges will be discussed in detail with you before we proceed. The majority of our services are charged on a fee basis and details of our standard charging structure is available upon request provided via email, post or on the phone. No charges will be incurred by any clients without their prior agreement and all first meetings are provided entirely at Becketts cost. Finally all fees will be detailed in pounds and pence in a standalone document, signed by both you and your adviser, prior to any fees being incurred so that all clients are clear as to the exact fees they will be paying.

We operate a three stage charging structure at Becketts FS. Each stage is independent of the next and as such any combination of stages can be selected.
The initial ‘getting to know each other’ meeting is at Becketts’ cost and so there are no fees incurred until after this meeting and no fees will be charged without your written consent.
Our three stages of charging are; 

Stage 1 – Reporting/Non-Transactional Advising – £750 to £10,000, (based on hourly rates)
The fees for this are due immediately on request of the work/report and would be paid directly to Becketts FS via cheque or BACS transfer, 50% at the beginning of the report and 50% on completion.
The value of the fee depends on the complexity and size of the work/report. We can offer a basic review of existing investments showing graphical performance through to a comprehensive financial plan or inheritance tax report. The fees are calculated on the estimated time it takes to complete the work, (£300 principal, £175 advisor and £75 administrator) and would be agreed prior to any work starting. If you progress to implementation stage and invest more than £500,000 the report fee is offset against the implementation advice fee.
Stage 2 – Implementation of Advice – 0.50% to 3%
After the report has been completed you are free to implement the advice yourself. If you would like Becketts to do so on your behalf advice fees would apply all of which will be detailed in pounds and pence. The fees are based on a percentage of the assets being invested or transferred and are as follows: 

Stage 3 – Management of investments and annual reporting – 0.75% – 1% of assets under our management
If you would like Becketts FS to manage your investments an annual fee is charged against the investments we are managing, paid to Becketts by deducting the fees from your investments. The work we complete includes amending the asset allocation and fund selection where necessary and ensuring the assets are always working as hard as they can be. Meeting on a face to face basis either annually, twice yearly or at your request to update you on your investment performance and suitability. We will be available throughout the year to assist with tax queries or investment queries as and when you require. The fees can be cancelled at any stage if you no longer feel you require our services. We require one months notice and written confirmation, email is acceptable. Annual planning fees can also be selected for clients who have no need or want for investment management usually paid on a monthly retainer basis, again calculated on complexity.