20 Years of Culinary Excellence, 21 Michelin Stars, 22 Years of Financial Planning Perfection: A Perfect Combination.

​Today starts one of the greatest gatherings of culinary talent we will see this year, maybe ever!
Northcote Manor, in Langho near Blackburn, is one of the few restaurants in the north of England to consistently hold a Michelin star for their quality food and dining experience.
It shows a consistency of top-level performance, something Becketts truly admires and believes is a trait we have in common.
As fans of the hotel and restaurant, we have supported Northcote through the years. This year, we are proud to be official partners to the 20th anniversary of the Obsessions evenings, alongside other exceptional brands such as Porsche, Wedgwood and Louis Roederer, who, like Becketts, hold quality, service and excellence at the heart of what they do.
Here’s to an amazing restaurant, amazing food and amazing financial planning!